Thursday, 30 October 2014

chamber of reflection

hello! this'll be a quick post - i haven't yet gotten round to figuring out a new theme and things yet, but hopefully this will sort itself out at some point soon.
anyway - how are you ?? apologies again for the huge narrative gap. i'm not really sure what happened ...

quickfiya -- here are some things that have happened to me in the last few months:

i went to america (NY/FL) for the first time
i got a job as a pianist at jameson's
i visited leoni at her place in the summer
leoni visited me at my place the other weekend
i bought art official age (new prince album)
i watched the last episode of the second series of masters of sex (i recommend this show x10000)
started 6th form ............ uhh
started learning japanese

also: my dislike of capital letters is extra strong here.

a lot of pictures I'm hoping to have up here soon are still wrapped up in two rolls of film which I probably should get developed soon (i'm terrible at this). in the meantime here is a short film co-written/directed by my friend bertie i enjoyed a lot:

also i recommend watching bertie's other films if you haven't already, they're so well thought out and make you think about things a lot....

apart from this stuff, i don't have much to say right now? it's late and my mind is all over the place. i'm going to be back on here hopefully more frequently and more interestingly and i'll also incorporate all my new ideas of things i've recently gotten into (e.g. monochrome street style, nu disco/future funk music, art and film etc etc) basically some really really cheesy stuff so be prepared for that.

see you soon!!!

- jemima

Monday, 22 September 2014

i am still alive

it's been so long and i am complete trash, i'm sorry >:~(
i'm also a new person?? im sat here now cringin at my old posts so uh .. it is safe to say my tastes have changed at least a little. i will be writing again soon, hopefully before/after/around this weekend because leoni is coming down to stay with me so we'll take pics. my posts from now [as this time i am actually going to post] will be a lot better and hopefully more regular than before, and i will be redesigning my page thing probably. i sound kinda melancholy don't i.

see you soon!
jemima xxxxx

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


hello!!!!!!!!!! these are just a couple of old photos. hopefully i will have a new post up this week!!!!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Hello all it has been so long !! I'm sorry wow

This is generally a super quick outfit post - I don't normally do these due to embarrassment but hopefully these aren't too bad !!

I also rediscovered my love for Kyary and I feel happy for the first time in ages !!

also have a pic of my howards end poster starring helena b c

I've embarrassed myself with the japanese, it's just google translate wow that was kinda lame actually. (im not a weeaboo)
The jumper/shirt was from a vintage shop in Sheffield, shoes from Office and tapestry skirt handmade by my cousin (£15 each from here !!). We're supposed to wear a christmas jumper to school on friday to raise money for prom/yearbook (I'm not sure which) but I don't have one and can't be bothered to buy one especially for it so wow rebel !! ! !!!!!! !

Once again sorry for it being so long since I've posted, I'm not sure whats going on but I'm having a mid life crisis thing with the whole internet game so I probably need to go on a hiatus for a while. So until next time, I hope you all have a great christmas if you celebrate it and ok cool goodbye friends !!

I have a horrible feeling I'm gonna look back on this post in a weeks time and realise how stupid I am but whatever I guess ??

jemima xx (◕‿◕✿)

Monday, 28 October 2013

long time no see

I don't really know what's happening with this blog at the moment. I'm just finding myself looking at everything and disliking things more and more and stuff, like I can't find any motivation to do it. I'm sure it's just a flux and I'm trying to overcome it but it's really hard!! So we'll just have to see how it plans out I guess.

I'm desperately trying to find new clothes for winter and am hoping to make a few outfit posts except with a proper camera (hoPEfully) with better settings etc etc etc. (also need to find willing participants to act as tripod)

Some of you might know I changed my instagram to jemimapoop temporarily while I think of something new, and those people also may know how much It's depressing me because wow I have serious issues with the grid like it ha s to be absolutely perfect and balanced and I laugh because that's really not happening.But anyway yeah that's what it is now...............

On a way lighter note I found a cool band called Vulkano and this song caught my eye so here you go::::::

I /think/ they've been doing some shows with Kate Nash and/or the Tuts (who are also really good).

some pics from myself/tumblr that i'm really feeling at the moment

just realised that these mostly seem focused on incomplete bodies. I think it's subconscious.

I'm gonna spend halloween with Rachel and watch Supernatural all night even though it still scares me a bit. buT IT'S SO GOOD? ?? why didn't I watch it before oh man.

As usual I'm out of things to say um m hopefully my next post will be a bit lighter and yea h I may show you some of my art if I don't get too embarrassed

stay cool innit

jemima xxx

Monday, 21 October 2013


going to post something soon
but i don't know what

leave it with me

jemima xxx

Friday, 27 September 2013

what the hell am i doing here

H E L L O  A L L

I have been away for far too long but hello I have finally returned to this old website dang flabbit

35mm pictures. super rad sweet shop and Vanathy and Sarah from the beginning of summer when we went to Scarborough for the day

I have just been putting off writing this for ages and ages because everything has just been so busy!! I'm still now trying to get into the swing of school again, which I'm thoroughly not enjoying at all. But that aside, summer was slightly more eventful than I thought it would be - well, I mostly just stayed in bed for hours every morning but when I did actually do a thing it was quite a big thing of a thing so I guess that made up for it a lot. This may take one or two posts to get together, I have loads of pictures as you can imagine!!

here are some random and likely badly chosen pictures from my instagram over the last few months

ew ew ew

I do not look like me and I need to actually start using the actual camera

I'm currently scrounging ebay and etsy for some cute new outfits ready for autumn/winter, which is so weird because I feel like I haven't even gotten used to wearing the few items of summer clothing I have yet. This year has gone so fast?? ?! I really want to get more co-ordinated with my clothes over the next few months, because I don't really have anything that goes well together or anything that doesn't look like I've just picked up whatever I can find on my bedroom floor (which I actually have but sshh)

French Bowie magazine I'm still trying to translate (I can't do it)

One of the big things that happened this summer was going to stay with Leoni who is the coolest, and me her and Amy had an eventful time shopping at Durham market, climbing up cathedral towers, taking photos, running after Leoni's cat Bella and crying over Benedict Cumberbatch. (u ppl im waitin on your photos from the cathedral)

"the gang"

minchellas ice cream w/ extra marshmallows


35mm pictures from Northumberland

I have heaps of letters to send to my pals on here and I'm trying to balance my time out doing everything and not just one thing (i.e. tumblr, twitter, fanfiction, schoolwork, said letter writing) because I just feel like poop when I think about not having sent anything. ah. I'm sat on my bed right now blasting Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding and Etta James and feeling really reminiscent of  the old days when I couldn't walk around the house without hearing the voice of at least one of them 24/7. Sometimes I miss being 6 years old. Also, my love for Radiohead and Grimes has expanded a loT over the summer and I've discovered that their songs go satisfyingly well together too!!

I also did my bedroom stairs up a little (I'm still working on it though)

there is now a little garland of some of my negatives, doilies with lyrics/playlists written on them, photos, paintings, two dresses and Debbie Harry/The Clash/Howards End posters which are quite cool to walk through before entering the boring bit (my actual bedroom) which is really plain because my ceilings are sloped (attic) which is a bit annoying because I can't do as much with my walls. So I'm trying to find sneaky ways around this problem by using the empty stair space while keeping them climbable!!

picture of Uhura I painted and some ebay stuff that arrived a few weeks ago

Some really surprising news is that the other day I got the go ahead from my parents to paint stuff on my bedroom walls!! I'm hoping to start with an Aladdin Sane above my bed but I'm also thinking about throwing a mr. Spock in there somewhere too hmm m. I'm so excited to do it man, I just really want to be able to spend my time in a space that I know I've made my own and that I enjoy being in if u feel

I recently joined the babemail group too and so a big hello to you if we are just meeting from that, I'm really excited to send you guys all cute letters and stuff!!

It's lovely to be here again, and hopefully I'll be blogging a lot more in the weeks to come.

see you all soon!
jemima xxxxxxxx

((p.s. I'm gonna make a playlist for you all to listen to in my next post))
((the songs are p good don't worry))
((I have a few ideas for photoshoots as well so))