Wednesday, 30 January 2013

he said i was gonna be in pitchers

YES we've done our last exam on Of Mice and Men, celebratory flower post and P  A  R  T  Y
and basically my dad got me some bright pink trainers for school today and they are  a w f u l  so I'm going to pay homage to them with MORE PINK woo

I feel like watching Heathers again

Flower's beautiful wall of crowns

because it makes me laugh

and a wild Helena in Fight Club because of the obsession with the queen of cool.

I hope you have a great February, Jemima xxxxxxxxxx
 *all from tumblr.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

beatles land

Hello everyone, I just got back from Beatles Land.

I have a feeling this post isn't going to be much but I've given myself a resolution to try and blog at least twice a month because at the moment I'm posting really randomly and sporadically which is making me feel kind of weird. But anyway it was great, we (my uncle included) stayed with our friend Kevin and his partner Michael and wow they have the most amazing apartment ever it's so minimalist and fashionable. We all went shopping and walked and I wish I'd thought to take pictures... We walked down the street where the (Robert D. Jr) Sherlock Holmes films were shot!!!! And it's really beautiful with all the old cobblestone streets and houses and lamp posts and everything. It was rainy so not many people were out, and I felt like I was in a scene from Mary Poppins. I didn't get to take any pictures but I found one of Canning street:

                                               (source)                             and Falkner Street

The only thing with Liverpool is its history with the slave trade and everything, though. We came a few years ago and visited the Slavery museum, has anyone been? It's good but ever since then I've had this thing with that ku klux klan and I know they don't exist any more but omg they are terrifying things - I have this recurring dream where there's me stuck in the dark and I can't move, and this group of people in white cloths chanting and waving torches and stuff just walking slowly towards me and ew it's horrible, you might not like it but I want to show you:

Do you see what I mean?!?!?! They're like ghosts and the stuff of nightmares forever and they make me want to cry. Loads of people know about this fear thing at school and I remember for a history thing in year 8 my little group had to do a presentation to the whole class on the KKK and I was almost on my knees and basically crying and begging the teacher to let me be in another group.
ew, shivers.

But I will talk about something else now. Les Misérables and Hugh Jackman are new obsessions of mine to add to the list, and I have been photoshopping like mad, trying to fit in with the cool fandom-tumblrs (but let's face it, my attempts are pathetic), so here are the tingz I have made so far:

rubbish but I kind of like them.

It might sound weird but I've started taking notes when I watch films sometimes to pick up techniques and whatnot, for example in The King's Speech there's this thirty second scene with Lionel and Myrtle and I kind of wrote a whole page of notes on it which might mean something if I knew anyone who would actually want to be in one of my films but. That's okay isn't it?

I received this package from Flower the other day which is the most lovely pretty thing anyone has ever sent me ever, and everything is just so nice and cute and aw. Thank you so much Flower, it's the best!

I've also really got into Grimes recently and Oblivion is my favourite song at the moment so here's her super rad voice:

ugh she's so cool.

And there hasn't been much progress on the zine by the way, my imagination lasts for about an hour at the most...

And I want there to be another Rookie meet up in England because I didn't get to go to the last one :(

I'm really sorry about the KKK part it was uncalled for and inappropriate but I felt like I had to share it otherwise I might have exploded! Maybe I'll delete this post because of my general loser-ness.

And I'm sorry for it being a bit all over the place, I'm not really sure what I'm feeling right now and I'm confused and someone please explain D:

But I shall love you and leave you, as I am about to watch Australia. I hope you don't have a hard day's night and bye, mate.

Thursday, 10 January 2013


Hello to you and thanks for joining this is exciting isn't it! (I've been watching series 1 and 2 of Miranda on a loop ever since I got it for my birthday last month. Can you tell?)
This post has been a long time in coming because to tell you the truth, I just haven't been bothered had time. It's exam week (apparently for everyone) and the past week has been spent with my parents forcing me to 'revise' when I'm really just drawing and writing stuff that has nothing to do with school. I'm totally going to fail, aren't I.

On the bright side though I started a zine on tuesday in one of our revision periods. It was a sort of spur of the moment thing, I've never been imaginative enough to write one before but I drew a pentacle which turned into a playlist which I took home and decorated a tiny bit. Then I thought ZINE! (they're harder to draw than they look, wow) And it's my first one so I don't know how it'll turn out. But again we're back to school and I'm SO TIRED. I keep falling asleep and the only thing getting me through this week is the fact that I'm seeing Les Miserables (omg) tomorrow which I'm already obsessed with. I begged my parents to book the tickets before christmas and wow they actually did I'm so excited.

1. Future Legend - David Bowie
2. Main Title - Edward Scissorhands Soundtrack
3. Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana
4. Leave it Open - Kate Bush
5. Northern Star - Hole
6. California Dreamin' - Mamas and Papas
7. The Tears - Robots in Disguise
8. Desperado - Alice Cooper
9. Forget - Lianne La Havas
10. Season of The Witch - Donovan
11. Waking The Witch - Kate Bush
12. Hugo's Father - Hugo Soundtrack

There are weird ones (1, 4, 11) rock-y ones (3, 5, 8) soundtracks (2, 12) and guitar-y ones (6, 9, 10) and I tried to mix them up so it's not too bad, but I don't know what goes well really. The whole zine's on lined paper for the back-to-school-ness that's going on now ew.

My new Rookie yearbook is great and I've been reading it and looking at the wonderful photo shoots for inspiration and such over the past few weeks. (Petra Collins sure has skillz.) It's so cool and sparkly and pretty and cute aw. I started a diary on new year's day and I really want to keep it going, which is going to be tough because I move on from things really easily because I've got no real sense of determination which I want to fix. (new year's resolution maybe?)
Sorry about all these brackets I can't handle writing any other way.

My 50s ice skates arrived shortly before christmas from ebay, and I'm still trying to work out why I bought them because I stopped skating properly about four years ago. Still, I have fixed the blades on properly because they were just so wobbly and definitely not good to skate in, and I'm thinking I might even start going again like I used to because it's still winter and I'm still allowed to be sparkly winter wonderlandy ok. It's suddenly gone freezing hasn't it? o_o

This is what I wore the other day which isn't one of my nicest outfits but I thought I'd take a picture anyway. And I cut off my face for you.

Budgie collar shirt from ebay, skirt and jumper thrifted. These rubbish outfit photos will hopefully get better, I'm getting a new camera soon (I hope).

And guess what we have big news, we're getting a dog on the 1st of february!!!!!! We're calling him Jasper look how cute he is he's only five weeks old.

This is his dad Jack who is beautiful, and I didn't get a good photo of Lucy (mum).

Also I'm officially fifteen as of the 28th of December, and I feel exactly the same, how outrageous.

And year ten hasn't been the bees knees either, exams here, homework there, it's just constant work work work and there's no time do do stuff I like. uggggh teen life

I'll finish now on these pictures because tiredness, I'm sorry. But nevertheless have a good... um life I suppose and I'll be back soon.

there's a bowie poster there's a bowie poster omg

Drawing/painting of Flower I made her for christmas which you may or may not have seen on her blog, new background, Carolyn's room from Dark Shadows (ideal bedroom) and someone's record collection (ideal record collection) I found on tumblr.

Jemima xxxxxxxxxx