Saturday, 23 February 2013

vive la france

Hello ma chéries, you might have seen me say in my last post that I was going to France with school, and I have to say it was really weird. Sophie, Lottie and I stayed with a woman called Marie Christine and the whole being in someone else's house for five days thing was a tiny bit uncomfortable, but I think we managed... I actually spoke a tiny but of French! Me!

On the coach back from Gatwick airport (don't ask why we had to go all the way down to London I will never understand teachers) we all had McDonalds and I did accents for everyone and was peer pressured into being Wolverine for four hours.

(t  o  r  t  u  r  e)

 (But on the bright side I made some new sixth form friends)

✿ Roman arena in Nimes which is a lovely place 

These next two pictures give me SERIOUS barricade feels, and I don't exaggerate at all when I say that our tour of Montpellier was actually painful because I was literally on the verge of running around screaming "WE NEED AS MUCH FURNITURE AS YOU CAN THROW DOWN!!!!!" (Les Misérables has been added to my list of life-ruiners)

I chose these two because the light went weird/was kind of pretty.

I basically lived in my aran cardigan for the whole trip and everyone was asking "OMG HOW ARE YOU NOT COLD" so I just pointed to my clothes and they were quiet again. I also wore these weird orange culottes and floral vans on tuesday and thursday, and I think they're two of my favourite things ever.

The trip didn't turn out to be totally weird though because I did find a super cool ReCoRd SHoP ASDFGHJK YEAH in a back street and bought two Kate Bush albums that I've been after for three whole years wow. I must have spent the whole of monday in that place. Totes amaze-balls. Totes.

Magical wonderful chocolate and new KB record which I might now use as a backdrop for everything (be prepared for this).

I'm probably going to be spending the next few days trying to be creative and failing miserably, but other than that, see y'all round yo

Jemima xxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 8 February 2013

daydream believer

I think I've been putting this post off  for a while basically because I haven't really had anything to say. It's been happening a lot more than usual this month and I don't really know why, but I will try to speak, for you.

I redecorated part of my wall with some new stuff from Flower, and I probably need to start using an actual camera rather than my phone.

The light switch says 'lumos' and 'nox' which is sort of tumblr-y and cliché but what can I say, they don't call me a potterhead for nothing! (Which also brings me to the point that my french teacher is also obsessive and we just talk about magic when we should be writing drafts for controlled assessments and stuff.) (Which also leads me to the point that another french teacher was actually IN Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix as an extra ugh.) (Which also leads me to the point that I am totally not ready to kill because she got to meet the wonderful Helena.) (...) 
There are a few patches on there from when I used to go to Scouts to give a Moonrise Kingdom sort of vibe as well.

Jasper, who I've nicknamed 'smelly' for obvious reasons, is finally here and he is such a handful, he chews everything and then just runs mad around the house biting and stuff, it's so strange having a dog. I'd post a video of him going totes cray but I literally just deleted it by accident. Totes cray. Cray cray.

I walked through the woods on the way home from school the other day to take pictures because there was still a bit of snow and they looked kind of creepy and deserted. (it was freezing and I kept having visions of Slenderman.)

Can you tell I was shivering with the blurry-ness, I am still trying to convince myself that it was a purposeful artistic effect.

My obsession with Hugh Jackman is growing at an alarming rate even for me, and I want to be good at drawing too so I did Jean Valjean but his eye was too big. 

That's all I can say and I won't be posting next week, I'm going to France with school and staying with another family, wish me luck :(

such fun. xxx