Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Hello all it has been so long !! I'm sorry wow

This is generally a super quick outfit post - I don't normally do these due to embarrassment but hopefully these aren't too bad !!

I also rediscovered my love for Kyary and I feel happy for the first time in ages !!

also have a pic of my howards end poster starring helena b c

I've embarrassed myself with the japanese, it's just google translate wow that was kinda lame actually. (im not a weeaboo)
The jumper/shirt was from a vintage shop in Sheffield, shoes from Office and tapestry skirt handmade by my cousin (£15 each from here !!). We're supposed to wear a christmas jumper to school on friday to raise money for prom/yearbook (I'm not sure which) but I don't have one and can't be bothered to buy one especially for it so wow rebel !! ! !!!!!! !

Once again sorry for it being so long since I've posted, I'm not sure whats going on but I'm having a mid life crisis thing with the whole internet game so I probably need to go on a hiatus for a while. So until next time, I hope you all have a great christmas if you celebrate it and ok cool goodbye friends !!

I have a horrible feeling I'm gonna look back on this post in a weeks time and realise how stupid I am but whatever I guess ??

jemima xx (◕‿◕✿)