Monday, 15 July 2013

♀☆☽ BOBBY'S GIRL ☾☆♀

hello all

i broke up for summer on friday and i am now free for seVEN WEEKS which is still not long enough in my opinion.

my loose feelings of loose freedom are reflected in my loose lack of capital letters (which i already hate at the best of times) (they're ugly) so forgive my grammar today.

we're having some kind of heatwave in england and nobody really knows what's going on. it was nearly 30 degrees up here the other day???? what>?>?? i think everyone is waiting for the rain to appear and being a bit cautious of jinxing the weather or something. it's honestly sweltering though and i'm not used to this at all! i feel sorry for animals with fur. (irrelevant) 

over the holidays i really want to try doing something productive with myself, e.g. do some kind of project, get actual art homework actually done, read a new book series, make a new header for this blog, and i also want to get some more packages/letters sent to people (you can drop me an email if you're up for swaps!) along the way. i think i may have found my solace in swapping packages because it's just so ssss o so exciting! i'm also thinking about having a go at making some clothes, partly inspired by my cousin after she very kindly made me a beautiful purple tartan skirt the other week.

today i went to a weird market thing in town and they were blasting out 90s tunes including disco 2000, which filled me with pulp feelz, and there was an instance of snoop dogg i think which was switched over to enya within fifteen seconds of it playing. that made me laugh because im not the only one who thinks snoopy d is ew>?>??

summer tunes:

inspiration behind post title believe it or not

(my reggae roots)

one of all time faves

another fave

i feel i can probably express myself best with pictures so i took a few screencaps of my tumblr to show what i've been reblogging recently. it's sort of a mix of pastels yet also with bright block colours and patterns/shapes. there's also been a lot of peach/pink/red recently which i think is mostly subconscious? maybe.

(i have started to get serious feelz for george harrison oh dear another life ruiner)
(my only loves in life are middle aged/long dead people and tv shows and films)
(whispers helena martin etc)
(i hate it)

i also have some good news; i now have tickets to see the arctic monkeys in november and i am doing some filming work over the holidays which is really exciting. (i think i may also be working with printing t shirts with yorkshire tee which is just as cool and exciting)

i hope this isn't /too/ jumbled - it sounds ok in my head, but when i actually try to formulate it into words it just splats all over.

in other words have a lovely summer,

jemima xxx

(p.s. i found this singer and she's really quite good have a listen)