Tuesday, 14 May 2013

waltz growing old

I found some old photos of the house before we decorated a few years ago. They're kind of weird and magical and the wallpaper is nice. When we moved in it was like going back in time with all the odd decor, and empty houses always give me a weird feeling.

photograph appreciation post generally

I really need to get some new film for my ae camera wow. I can't be taking every single picture on my phone anymore. They're so boring............... and they look ten times nicer as well. I have some film from my grandad's old camera that we've only just managed to get out of the body after 30+ years of it being stuck, so I'm really excited to get it developed and *hopefully* see its last ever photographs. And hopefully they won't be too crummy because of the film being expired etc

I found these pictures of ""Brigitte Bardot at 18"" in a newspaper the other day and I love these because of colours and whimsical and fairy like and just everything pretty zomg.

Yes I have developed another obsession with COLOURS and now everything I do from schoolwork to writing bad poetry is coloured and illustrated.

my paints and bob the builder keyring which I didn't actually realise was there until after I took the photo (can you see the transition from poo colour to light colour in the paint)

cool artwork at school with eyes everywhere.

I also put these on instagram recently:

outfit, typing song lyrics on old magazine pages, baby photo and creepy medieval graveyard across the road.

I'm not in a great mindset at the moment because everything is coming at once, i.e. school exams and pressure from my piano teacher for me to do well in my exam on monday (also I am seriously thinking about giving piano up because I just can't keep on top of everything, which is sad because it's been 10 years since I started), not even having a tent ready for duke of edinburgh this saturday and of course my inability to sit down and work doesn't make things any better either. But blah, these pictures are making me feel a little less melancholy and the promise of the summer holidays helps too. I really want to go down to London again and make some new friends and there is also a fandom meetup on the 17th so I might cosplay Irene Adler from Sherlock or something.

Here's one I found of me while rooting through the memories box. I was 3 and at nursery. #2000 #nofilter

((I am like "o no u didn't" cos this person is taking a surprise pic while I'm clearly occupied with tumblr))

Sorry for my absence as well, there might be some more of that now because of the exams mentioned and other things I need to try and get off my mind/chest/whatever makes me feel good again. In the meantime I will be trying to escape from everything and floating awaaaaaaay

Jemima xxxxxxx


  1. where did you get your camera from? The ae one? I desperately want one but don't know where to start looking :s xxx

    1. just ebay! it came with the manual and some other bits and pieces. it's really easy i definitely recommend it :))))) xxx

    2. Ooooooh thankyou okay one more question how much was it? Just so I know I'm not paying too much etc xxx

    3. ooo i *think* it was £28 (but postage was a bomb and bumped it up to like 40 sad times) xxx

    4. muchas gracias I know postage is a bummer I found one for like 25 then p and p was 43 alone what even :s xxx

  2. you are sah sah cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna meet you darlink


  3. love that original wallpaper. you should have kept it! ;)

  4. wonderful post! so dreamy!