Tuesday, 23 April 2013

le temps de l'amour

Well HELLO THERE. It's been a while.

Last week was surprisingly okay (apart from early mornings) and I guess it feels kinda great and homey to be at school again with my friends and trying to be good-at-socialising and not awkward etc. I know I'm definitely getting back into the swing because I fell asleep in music today. Yep, it's good to be back.

I've spent most of my lessons so far daydreaming about Johnlock and getting Japanese songs stuck in my head (youtube Kyary Pamyu Pamyu she's so cute) along with the usual violent and bloody doodles of metaphor-y poems in english classes a.k.a. an even more demented and bloodthirsty Miss Havisham. I won't post it but it's a bit very Sweeney Toddy.

They've just given us our exam timetables ew yes exam season is soon and I really can't be bothered as usual - I wouldn't normally revise but of course this time they just have to be scary things that count like 70% of your gcse so I suppose I'm going to have to try and learn all the stuff somehow. Procrastination is my greatest enemy and I honestly have no idea how I will be able to overcome it at all. I'm hopeless.

In other news, it's non uniform yet again on friday for a charity I can't remember so while I have the rest of my outfit //sort of// mapped out I am still yet to decide whether to wear these fishnets or the star tights (or both as odd stockings maybe???) but anyway. I customised my new saddle shoes a tiny bit with stickers and other tingz here:

I'm too lazy to edit these though ahahaha. (It's half two in the morning though so understandable ok understandable) There are some sparkly bits chillin on there and I just finished sewing the last of what little lace I ever possess onto some white socks so I'll wear those too. And the position of my ridiculously big clown feet reminds me of the beginning of dancing in the street.

Here are two random pictures I took in my room for an art homework one time, I can't really remember when.


Also last friday my friend Vanathy had a party at Fancie which is a BEAUTIFUL AND DELICIOUS AND DREAMY chain of cupcake shops which are a bit famous in my city. I hope they branch out and SHARE THE LOVE AcRoSs the galaxy and that. They're really cool because they cater for anything like they have gluten free and vegan and non chocolate brownies called blondies and gahjbdhsnl it's all just so cool.

Yes so anyway, she had a cupcake decorating party and aside from going mad and eating all the frosting/nutella/jam/rainbow sprinkles and drinking all the pink milk straight away we all managed to get four home each in one piece. The pink milk was beautiful (I felt like I was in a Charlie and Lola story) and here's my ~*before and after oooooo*~

my cup of marshmallows kept mysteriously disappearing... . ... .. ..... .

The table was in a right state after we were finished, the cleaners probably enjoyed that.......

THE SUMMER VIBES ARE ALL A SPRINGIN and the weather is changing finally! It's about time. (snow  in april omg.) here's a beach boys tune to express my joy and some pictures.

And the lovely Kate Bush because I am in a fish people mood right now. Contrastingly sad.

And zat will be all for now my friendz


p.s. I also have a piano exam next month ***CRIES***

Thursday, 11 April 2013

being ethereal

I saw Kate Nash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I met Kate Nash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on monday.

She did like three stage dives and pulled loads of people on the stage at the end and it was like a massive party and wow she's just great and cool and grool. And she's such a nice person too like zomg I can't even.

And we're practically besties now (I wish)

I tried to upload a video but it hasn't worked ;-;

I've just been in a state of a dreamy sort of wonder for the last few days and I keep having flashbacks to the concert like "wait what did that really happen?????"  I was going to make her something that day but Alice and I were in town all day doing some Kate Nash related sightseeing. (turns out she and the Tuts (amazing support band) were doing a radio show at the university though.) I regret not doing that. The Tuts are fantastic, please google them!!! They're a feminist punk girl band of three and the songs they played from their new EP were just... I have no words. They were selling patches they'd made themselves, so naturally, I had to buy some.

Here's a Tuts tune as well.

I've spent the last couple of nights catching up on old pindippy videos, and now I am inspired to make my own (or maybe just one). Luckily I have the pals to participate in the whole video making tingz but unfortunately I don't know what to do sketches about yet. I shall have to ask them for help once term starts again. I just wanted to share that with you. Plus I get all my ideas while I'm at school and supposed to be doing work, so the holidays are mostly wasted.

I am really sad I can't go to Bookworm this year though. I'd asked my mum last saturday and she said yes but now it seems as though we have something on so I won't be able to see the actual real Jessie and Bebe in actual real life noooOOooo

(I wish I lived closer to London man. Two hours on the train is apparently too much for my family.)

(and sherlock is being filmed there, the setlock feels are killing me.)

Another good thing about the holidays is that I have more time for art-ing. I don't have time/enjoy it in term and it's been nice to just be able to get everything out and go mad experimenting with colours without pressure of deadlines etc. I've done some more inky things and here is the not quite finished Helena because I need to add more hair and nose and other bitz n bobz. I also did Benedict Cumberbuhabsglovrk but his mouth went weird (whY IS IT ALWAYS MOUTHS) and I used this picture and she is just so perfect.

Picture quality is worse than usual, sorry. I feel like I've made her look like a skeleton though omg I think the cheekbones are too dark.

ooo I will soon have a new penpal too she's called Leoni and she loves Kate Bush like me and we share memories of dancing badly to Wuthering Heights and falling over. She too has just started a blog and we are both trying to be John Watson in this sense.

School starts again on monday ew so I might post again next week maybe.

As you can see I have changed my blog name to ethereal popopopop but don't worry I won't change it again

And I really want to watch Grease bye


Friday, 5 April 2013

the world can show nothing to me

Hi guys yo guys hey it's me again

(4 new records I got from st. luke's for 80p.)

I was watching iCarly for the first time in a while with my sister today and something hit me suddenly. There have been continuous adverts for an 'iGoodbye' or something (can't really remember) but apparently the last ever episode of the show is going to be aired in two days time and it just made me feel weird, put simply. I've spent a good part of my life watching that show and I think that seeing as it started when they were all thirteen-ish, it seems, as with all child actors I guess, that they are or should be somehow immortalised in those thirteen-year-old bodies forever. It feels strange to see them as fully grown adults, it's almost scary woah. How did Miranda Cosgrove turn twenty so quickly? The little eleven year old from Drake and Josh? My new Beach Boys album comes into this post kinda well actually because of course:

"Wouldn't it be nice if we were older
Then we wouldn't have to wait so long."

One of the things a kid wants to do the most would probably be to 'grow up' and be treated like an adult. But we don't realise then that with growing up comes so much more - general responsibility for one, and yet more freedom, yet still more chores and more work - right now I'm internally screaming "let me stay fifteen forever!"

I know of course that you are as young as you feel, and most of the time I do feel I am about nine in my head, but sometimes I get a bit worried that I won't feel that inner nine year old reaching out to me, and that eventually it will turn into a ten year old, then an eleven year old and so on. I think I just need to remember that whenever I feel I need an immaturity boost, I can just watch the spongebob movie (which I know off by heart). In school I'm the only one who still laughs at the mention of the word 'poo' and even though the laughing spreads around through my friends everyone else just looks at me funny. But you know what? I don't care about that anymore. Let me giggle at poo and boobies!!!!!!!!!

Saying this now has just made me think of a post by Hollie from a while back and thus I give you drum roll please something cool she drew here (which I totally don't stalkerishly have saved on my phone) (if you're reading this Hollie I hope you don't mind)

It's things like that what make you realise that we really are growing up incredibly fast, and now I feel like I need to make the most of ze old youth because well it's true what they say, isn't it? - life really is short. Some days I won't leave the house of my own accord, maybe because I'm too lazy or tired or just not bothered, but either way it will end in me overthinking the theory that I AM WASTING MY LIFE and I MUST DO STUFF OR DIE and it depresses me. I'm not very creative, and I wish so much that I was, but I don't have a very good mind to think of my own things to draw and make and so before I know it more than half the day has been spent in bed. I was looking forward to this three week break from schoolwork so that I could really focus on trying to extract any amount of imagination from myself but so far all I've done is thought of two new ways to not feel sick after eating too much chocolate. (1. stop eating more stuff on top of it  2. have water and watch some f.r.i.e.n.d.s)

There are so many people on the internet that admittedly I envy a tiny bit, purely on the basis that they have super rad interesting thoughts and ways of going about things, when sometimes I just feel like a bit of a useless lump sittin' around hoping that one day I can be something like them. So I've decided to do more things with myself and step out of my comfort zones and venture into the wilderness more to try and stimulate my currently non-existent mind-of-my-own. If that makes any sense.

Moving onwards and upwards as they say, here are some pictures I took today. (omg that rhymed I'm a poet and I didn't know it) Sorry about the quality!

Trying to be Helena Bonham Carter in this photo

New supa disco shirt

Sort of finished a painting zomgazomg (for art, from this. I'm doing the french revolution.) (her face went super wrong)

I'll end with the second part of the first verse of that beach boys tune:

"And wouldn't it be nice to live together 
In the kind of world where we belong"

And this is my all time favourite song of theirs. These might be the beginnings of a serious infatuation with them, so beware.

Jemima xxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


The other day I learnt how to colour stuff on photoshop, so naturally I've spent the weekend trying to draw cartoons. It didn't go quite as planned, but here are the results omg:

this one makes me think of a mix between Dorothy and the wicked witch of the west

and Sherlock and John here

I also did another Johnlock comic thing but I don't really like it so I won't post it.

I'm going to be spending the rest of the holidays collecting and making things for a couple of package/letter swap things (I love doing those so let me know if you fancy doing anything like that!) and trying to write a johnlock fanfic which some people have sent me cool prompts for but as I say I'm terrible at finishing things so I don't know how far I'll get with it. BUT I am going to put my heart and soul into it because SHERLOCK AND JOHN WERE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER OK.


Also I watched the woman in black with 10 year old sis Tilly and for the last few days I've been too scared to venture anywhere in the house alone.

So, um, sorry it isn't very interesting today, I will try and fail to write something deep and philosophical next time for I feel as if I am posting happy clouds of sunshine and boring randomness which my head isn't actually completely full of. I don't know what I'm saying. Ignore me.

(I'm looking for a new camera as well, it's about time I found something useful. Probably a film camera because they take nice pictures and because I'm broke but if anyone has any recommendations I'd love to check some out yes please thank you very much so)

I think I just saw the woman so I'm going to go now.

Jemima xxxxxxxxxx