Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Waiting for things to arrive is the worst

You know when you really want everything on ebay/etsy but you're completely broke?
Yeah um that's me, and it's so frustrating because I keep seeing so many lovely things but but but. I feel like I need to get some sort of job but there aren't a lot of places that take on  fourteen year olds.

I did however buy this really nice 60s jumper top thing on ebay for £4, which was good because I only had a fiver. I like the pattern, thing is I ordered it like a week ago and it still hasn't come, I'm so impatient when it comes to internet shopping argh.

And I went to see Frankenweenie today! It was so lovely, and I cried four times throughout... But so did Rachel, so I'm not so weird. I think it was a mixture of the fact that it's a Tim Burton film (my hero)and the happiness-through-sadness I felt at the end. Anyways, I've come to the conclusion that I want to be more like Victor in the near future (i.e. good with science, have a dog, make cute super 8 movies) and I want to be a film director more than anything now!

If you haven't seen it yet, do!!! It's set in like 70s suburbia (I think) and it's loosely based on both the original Frankenstein film (1931) and Tim's own childhood (him making home movies, his dog being one of his only friends). And I love it being black and white!

Weird Girl and Mr. Whiskers

I'm not sure about there being a Weird Girl in his life though, but I must say she does dress mighty fine. In the cinema I found myself desperately longing for the dresses of a fictional character.

I've been busy writing my barnalia, the first two chapters are up if you like Dark Shadows/Johnny Depp/Helena Bonham Carter!

The reason I haven't gotten into the Halloween spirit and not gone all Carrie/Addams Family/Beetlejuice on you is because I'm not actually here for Halloween (*cries*). That's right. For the first time ever! It's really upsetting, and I was getting so excited too. But c'est la vie...

Anyway bye, happy halloween and thanks for reading if you are!

p.s. I have a huge feeling my last few posts were amazingly wordy, so I'm sorry if it was stupid and too much!!! I'll try and make them smaller and more picture-y.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

I went to the Harry Potter studio tour!

Well I finally went on friday, and it was uh-may-zing. There are honestly no words for it. I took 300 and something photos but I don't want to give it away to anyone who might be going so here are a few that I put on instagram.

 I think I might still have a few Helena Bonham Carter skin cells on my hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 There were amazing painting things, this was one of my favourites because Harry looks like an old woman

The Leaky Cauldron corridor, it's actually only about 7 feet long but at weird angles to make it look about 50 feet instead

I started to cry at one point, (me and Jenny both did) and it was coolio and we actually had that tiny chance to feel like we weren't muggles for once. We went dressed up, so that made it even better! And we met some awesome people who were extras in the films and one girl came up to us and did an impression of Luna Lovegood, and Jenny and me were speechless from how accurate it was.

I want so badly to write every single little thing about it and put every single photograph I took on here!!! But I won't...........

Um, right now I'm listening to The Carpenters and I know it's bad for me because it's bringing on post-potter depression again but just I love them so much asdfghjkl I can't.

I'm thinking of writing up some sort of Halloween-y playlist to help me get into the spirit of things, seeing as we're going away over Halloween for the first time ever :( :( :( But I'm not sure what songs to put on yet. I'll have a think, but it might have to be a post-autumn sort of thing instead. You know, like we're moving out of autumn and starting to get into the winter/christmas spirit.

I always love the build up towards christmas because it's so exciting and happily cheesy but I hate it after the actual day, and I always just end up moping around doing nothing watching unhappily cheesy films and stuff. Plus my birthday is three days after Christmas so it sort of just gets forgotten... I'm sure it's not intentional or anything but I sort of find myself waking up on my birthday either thinking 'oh, it's my birthday! Oh wait, who cares?' or just forgetting it completely. Having a birthday that close is a tricky business, but I guess I'll just have to live through this. (Hole!)

I changed my twitter username from @thepalegloom to @bonhams_ because I feel it more fitting to my current obsession and well if I'm honest I'm getting a teeny bit tired of the whole 'pale dusk' thing. I can't really change it on anything else though because it's my username for basically everything!

I watched A Room With A View (1985) this morning because it's one of my top 5 Helena films ever, and it's a wonderful book by E.M. Forster and I was all happy at the end because it's so romantic and I'm a sucker for these  lovey type things because they make me cry. It's weird actually, because unless I can really relate to something that's sad, I never feel the Titanic violins, but as soon as someone says 'I love you' I really can't help crying and feeling like I can't ever be upset again. Anyway, this nice film inspired me a bit so I did my hair like Lucy Honeychurch in this gif ^
and wore my blue Edwardian top and a pair of vintage bloomers (I know) ((writing that down makes me actually feel like I'm too weird)) and went out to do the English equivalent of thrifting with Rachel and got some new shirts.

Here are some pictures from the sweetest film ever, most of which sourced from here.

That's all I'm gonna write right now because I really need to get some sleep (I'm ill, sigh)...

Thank you for reading if you are xxxxx

Monday, 15 October 2012

And the sky was all violet

This is just a picture sort of thing, ummm look at what I made and a film I watched

Merida arguing with her mum in Brave.

Yesterday I made this brooch (idea from Rookie) out of cardboard and felt and button-type things. I also made a detachable bow but I didn't take a photo.

I've really got into Paloma Faith this week and I bought her new album Fall To Grace; the songs are so lovely and I always run straight into the front room whenever I hear Never Tear Us Apart on the John Lewis advert. I think her hair is really cool and soon I will be getting a lighter bit in my hair too.

As well as Paloma Faith I've been listening to a lot more Hole than usual, I think Violet is my favourite song of theirs but Miss World still remains a classic.

From the Violet music video.

From the Miss World video.

Monday, 1 October 2012

karen carpenter

Hi  I've not been around a lot but I'm really busy with schoolwork and everything blah
But I'm also writing a fanfic and I'm in the middle of making a zine! me!
So sorry about that.

Anyway, over the past couple of weeks my obsession with the lovely Karen Carpenter has grown, she was just so wonderful and angel-voice-like and beautiful and uebwevdfsha.
I've been listening to her like every day and nearly crying because I wish with all my heart that she was still alive and I wish that she had recovered... See I'm listening to Rainy Days And Mondays which always 'gets me down' (get it?)
I really miss her even though I never lived in her 'time' if that makes sense. Why did she have to leave so young?

In other news, I've also been a tiny bit more creative than usual, for example I made another flower crown 

And some pipe cleaner things

Also why are they called pipe cleaners like it's not really an attractive name is it. They should be called bendy fluffy sticks or something because that sounds a bit more fun.

I have a friend who I hadn't seen for about four years until the other day, and it was her fifteenth birthday.
And I customised a little notebook/diary/journal thing for her and I hope she really likes it ah! She's called Gabrielle and she's all cool now she even has a nose piercing wow

I put like loads of pictures on  the ol' instagram of things I put in it but here's the back cover!

On thursday after school in the sweet shop I was lucky enough to come across some candy necklaces for 25p each so I bought two yay! had to bite them really carefully though because I just got a brace about two weeks ago and it still hurts, so although I couldn't enjoy them as much as usual, candy is candy and I will never stop eating it no matter what they stick onto my teeth.

I cried for an hour after watching the last episode of parade's end because I was just so unbelievably happy with how everything turned out! I couldn't resist drawing a picture of Christopher and Valentine in the middle of my french book, and I'll not leave out the fact that my teacher said she liked the drawing because it was cute, instead of giving me the modern day equivalent to the cane for 'vandalising' school property. Though I have darned my locker, schoolbooks and folders with lace and photographs etc already so I really don't know why nobody has gotten onto me about that yet.

That's really it I guess, so I'm going to finish on a very old picture of me and Eve (her being at the front) made up as Aladdin Sane one night.

Please don't hate me Eve.