Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Not entirely sure what I'm supposed to do here... Ohhhhhhh well

But hi, I'm a 14 year old Jemima from England, and I really like a lot of things... um, mainly Helena Bonham Carter, Harry Potter and Alan Rickman, because they're all so zxcvbnmasdfghjkl, put nicely.

But Tim Burton is also my muse and inspiration ah
And I have a tendency to fangirl, one of my more regrettable traits...
I love David Bowie, Kate Bush, Alice Cooper, Bikini Kill and Hole... As well as Best Coast, some of Paloma Faith's stuff, and I'm also a bit of a Nirvana girl
And I'm too shy for my own good and extremely awkward which is another thing I'm not proud of, oh

~you can see more of what I like on my tumblrs ~ (personal) (obsessions blog) 

But moving on, I think I'll post on here anything that's going on with my relatively boring life to make it sound significantly more interesting, should you be interested o_o

(I think that's what the cool kids do nowadays, so)
((don't tell the cool kids I said that))
I'll be back soon then, and because I'm running out of things to say here's a lovely gif of lovely Helena eating what I hope are marshmallows in The King's Speech.

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