Tuesday, 23 April 2013

le temps de l'amour

Well HELLO THERE. It's been a while.

Last week was surprisingly okay (apart from early mornings) and I guess it feels kinda great and homey to be at school again with my friends and trying to be good-at-socialising and not awkward etc. I know I'm definitely getting back into the swing because I fell asleep in music today. Yep, it's good to be back.

I've spent most of my lessons so far daydreaming about Johnlock and getting Japanese songs stuck in my head (youtube Kyary Pamyu Pamyu she's so cute) along with the usual violent and bloody doodles of metaphor-y poems in english classes a.k.a. an even more demented and bloodthirsty Miss Havisham. I won't post it but it's a bit very Sweeney Toddy.

They've just given us our exam timetables ew yes exam season is soon and I really can't be bothered as usual - I wouldn't normally revise but of course this time they just have to be scary things that count like 70% of your gcse so I suppose I'm going to have to try and learn all the stuff somehow. Procrastination is my greatest enemy and I honestly have no idea how I will be able to overcome it at all. I'm hopeless.

In other news, it's non uniform yet again on friday for a charity I can't remember so while I have the rest of my outfit //sort of// mapped out I am still yet to decide whether to wear these fishnets or the star tights (or both as odd stockings maybe???) but anyway. I customised my new saddle shoes a tiny bit with stickers and other tingz here:

I'm too lazy to edit these though ahahaha. (It's half two in the morning though so understandable ok understandable) There are some sparkly bits chillin on there and I just finished sewing the last of what little lace I ever possess onto some white socks so I'll wear those too. And the position of my ridiculously big clown feet reminds me of the beginning of dancing in the street.

Here are two random pictures I took in my room for an art homework one time, I can't really remember when.


Also last friday my friend Vanathy had a party at Fancie which is a BEAUTIFUL AND DELICIOUS AND DREAMY chain of cupcake shops which are a bit famous in my city. I hope they branch out and SHARE THE LOVE AcRoSs the galaxy and that. They're really cool because they cater for anything like they have gluten free and vegan and non chocolate brownies called blondies and gahjbdhsnl it's all just so cool.

Yes so anyway, she had a cupcake decorating party and aside from going mad and eating all the frosting/nutella/jam/rainbow sprinkles and drinking all the pink milk straight away we all managed to get four home each in one piece. The pink milk was beautiful (I felt like I was in a Charlie and Lola story) and here's my ~*before and after oooooo*~

my cup of marshmallows kept mysteriously disappearing... . ... .. ..... .

The table was in a right state after we were finished, the cleaners probably enjoyed that.......

THE SUMMER VIBES ARE ALL A SPRINGIN and the weather is changing finally! It's about time. (snow  in april omg.) here's a beach boys tune to express my joy and some pictures.

And the lovely Kate Bush because I am in a fish people mood right now. Contrastingly sad.

And zat will be all for now my friendz


p.s. I also have a piano exam next month ***CRIES***

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