Sunday, 11 August 2013

living and prospering

no no it really is
i have found myself not breathing a lot over the past few weeks because emotions wow
(look at this and tell me spirk doesn't exist)


besides crying over sherlock s3 previews/setlock photos/leonard nimoy/martin freeman/william shatner/zachary quinto etc etc etc these past few weeks have consisted of me doing mostly nothing but walking the dog and painting pictures for people's letters (which i will send soon!) as well as the usual moping about on twitter and film watching yhhhhh. i really want to do my bedroom up all cool and jazzy because at the moment it's honestly horrendous and boring and just no nO NO. i fancy one side for fandoms and one side for not - or maybe i'll combine everything??? i don't know i don't know i don't know

(bought these beauties from an antique shop for £3 from which i documented in my instagram feed)

i'm a bit angry that i didn't get the whole book series but oh well i'll find them somehow

i don't think i've said this before but gene roddenberry is fantastic. just wow. the visions he had for the world then make me feel so happy and i just can't put anything into words right now - i really could talk about him and star trek for hours so i'll keep it brief but i just want to say that i loVe how there is uhura as one of the main characters when there was all that oppression as you all know


uhura about to kill someone
(also look at nichelle nichols' hair now it's so cute)

here's a lil piece of trivia for you: did you know that martin luther king jr himsELF encouraged her to keep playing the role when she was considering leaving the show because of the good it was doing for black people??? he said "don't you understand? for the first time we are seen as we should be seen. You don't have a black role - you have an equal role." it makes me so happy i want to cry

and also having cutie chekov at the time of the cold war???::?"?!!!?!///?/ people must have thought he was crazy.

don't get me wrong i know there are problematic things in star trek just like there is in everything, i can acknowledge that, but the point is there are so many /right/ things about it that i have to sing to the world that it's cool. it's all cool.

and let's not forget to mention it showed the first televised multiracial kiss ahhhhhhh


in other news when i say i did nothing.............. i did go to northumberland for a week which was nice and more importantly i actually met Leoni and Amy which was crazy, they're quite possibly the coolest people i've ever met.
most of the pictures i took on film and i must say that one of the highlights of the day was six of us trying to fit into one photobooth (my hair got in the way i think oops)

my scanner is broken so i have to make do

i'm gonna go because i'm really tired wow but i'll add that i may be doing youtube videos again soon

also i think i have a liebster award thing! a post on that is coming soon i promise.

catch y'all on the flipside
jemima xxx

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  1. yes it was the coooooliest day ever!! Really hope to meet up again soon I mean hey you never know the fringe calls c: