Sunday, 25 November 2012

Only a lad

This week has gone so quickly I don't know what to do with myself right now. You know when you get those weird weeks where you think it's thursday and it's actually monday? I've had that for the past two weeks, and I think the monday just gone is the first one ever where I haven't wanted to fall asleep standing up in the middle of the car park. So I guess it isn't a bad thing when you think about it, because the worst feeling ever is when you're in a lesson and your eyes are just constantly closing. Christmas is coming soon! (well, four weeks-ish) I still don't know what I'd like, probably a bit of cash money/dvds/clothes but I don't know. Then again I've seen loads of Polaroid 1000's on ebay and I really want one! Thing is, I know it won't take long to save up for the camera because the ones I've seen are going for like £10, but I think the film you have to use costs a bomb, dang it. Maybe I'll ask for film.

(I think this is some sort of advertisement for one but otherwise source unknown.)

Now about Miranda. I knew what it was and how everyone talked about it at school saying how funny it was, but before last night I'd never actually watched a single episode - to which everyone usually screams "YOU'VE NEVER WATCHED IT?!?!?!" so loudly I just end up cowering in the corner and hiding from the world. It's not that I didn't like Miranda Hart - I saw her in Call The Midwife and thought she was great, but I just don't watch much tv other than when films are on I guess.

(Miranda in Call The Midwife)

I stayed at Rachel's last night and at about 1am she asked me if I wanted to watch it, and at first I was a bit like 'hmm' because I'd never seen it before. But we put it on anyway and wow, have I missed out!!!! It's so darn tootin' funny. And you can watch the episodes over and over again and still laugh. The thing is, Miranda's character reminds me of myself so so much, how clumsy she is and how socially awkward she is just fits me to a T. She always falls over boxes/coat hangers which makes me laugh far more than it should. And she is accidentally half naked a few times as well because her trousers fall down in a club and there's another time when she gets stuck in a park gate and thinks that by taking her clothes off she'll be able to fit through the gap.

We ended up getting through the entire series 1 and 2.

A few things I found from tumblr:

Her accident in the club.

And I love Stevie (what have you done today to make ya feel prouououd)

Perhaps I'm overrating it a tiny bit because I literally laugh at anything and everything (gets me into so much trouble) but I still think it's genius! A new obsession, no doubt.

The only bad thing about Rachel's is that she has a cat, a really cute one called the Russian word for 'little boots' which I won't even try to spell. I'm allergic to 'em, which is the saddest thing ever because I love cats... ;-;

I also found you a video (well just the song) to one of my favourite songs ever by Oingo Boingo, Danny Elfman's band, Only A Lad. It's great and bouncy and happy and I like it.

Danny's style is fantastic, you can really tell it's his arrangement just by the rhythms, and wow that bridge near the end!! I love him.

I still have a cat-caused headache now so I'll go, thanks a bunch for reading if you are!

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