Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Honey, Honey

Hello again... I've not been around I know and, well, so much for blogging often I suppose.
(I'm still new okay I'm not some loser who does nothing all day)

Christmas is a-coming and I still have no clue what I'm going to do over three weeks of holiday. I think we're meant to be revising for our January exams (yay) but I think everyone knows I'll not be doing any of that due to the biggest amount of procrastination the human brain can possibly manage, which in my case is a lot. I've sort of lost my creativity/inspiration/originality/imagination/everything I dream of owning since a long long long while back, and this explains why I haven't posted anything good, made anything or written etc. Hopefully it'll come back soon and maybe early in the new year when all the 'starting afresh' vibes are still flying around. I'm really horribly lazy when it comes to making stuff, for example I told someone that I would make them a  present for Christmas and I haven't gotten round to it yet which makes me feel really bad. But now I think about it I have this week off school to finish it so I'll probably do this tomorrow. (SORRY)

Today was non uniform for the last day of school, and I didn't take a picture of my whole outfit but here's my totally gorgeous face nevertheless. We only found this out yesterday which was kind of annoying because I like to sort of plan mufti day clothes a couple of days in advance, which I know is probably weird because it's just like any other day but I don't know people seem to just expect me to look a little out-there so I guess I need to put a tiny bit of effort into it. ('effort'? what is this sorcery?) Then again I'm sure I'm not the only one because normally on mufti days people are like "omg gurl what u wearin 4 non uni????" like a whole week before it.

so yeah serial killer with a cold:

I wore a yellow 70s shirt that I got from ebay for a fiver underneath a black paisley pinafore dress that has a lace frill on the front, as well as my old flower crown that's now falling to pieces.

I've been listening to the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack (woo Danny Elfman) nonstop all month, partly because it's so so beautiful and makes me cry, and partly because it's SNOWING outside. Like, real actual cold snow! I love that film with all of my heart, it's such a lovely and sad story at the same time and wow Tim Burton/Johnny Depp films are always amazing, to be honest. Listen to the main Title or The Ice Dance first to get a chilling Christmassy feel for it all and then the rest of it, it's all awesome.

I'll finish off with some screencaps and artwork because I think we should all just appreciate the perfection and genius that is the imagination of Tim Burton.


Big Fish (2003)

Perfect film really, so Burtonesque but much less... gothic and twisted (even though I love the twisted) and is it just me fellow Burton fans or do I detect a hint of Wes Anderson in there? It's one of my favourites of his. (And where would we be without a beautiful shot of Helena Bonham Carter in the same film)


The ever-amazing Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in Batman Returns (1992)

Helena as Dr. Hoffman in Dark Shadows

Stainboy is my favourite Tim Burton character drawing. He's so cute and anybody who has read Tim's book The Melancholy Death Of Oyster Boy will probably understand. It's a beautiful book and the short stories and poems inside are really powerful and it's weird, it's as if you're the characters.

Okay and slightly out of the blue here's a great song by Best Coast that you've probably already heard, but either way it's a good tune.

Also it's my birthday in 10 days (28th) and imma be 15 years of age. I only just realised yesterday and woah I can't believe I forgot zomg

Anyway I'll go now and thank you for reading if you are, yo.

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