Friday, 14 June 2013

bows and flows

Film pictures from last month.

(I should apologise as I haven't as of yet had access to a scanner)
(I may need to borrow one from the art department at school or someting)

I was really excited to get that old roll of film I mentioned developed but a ha ha ha no. There was only a picture of a car...... I was laughing a bit.

Exams are finally over which means I'll have more time for blogging and general internet-ing for the next few weeks. I'm so excited for summer! At school we're all planning to do a high school musical thing (WHAT TIME IS ITTTT) on the last day which will be fun, and it will also confuse the teachers which is a bonus. Today has mostly been spent doing no work whatsoever at school and talking to a bunch of people about eyebrows. I don't know.

This is what I wore last weekend. The brown shirt and small skirt are vintage and the orange collar shirt and long skirt are from ebay. (I'm also wearing a Helena (Bonham Carter of course) necklace I made last year and a Johnlock one from Leoni and which is one of my favourite things ever)

I found a weird line of light in my bedroom and started taking "artistic" selfies (meaning ones that show off the bags under my eyes exceedingly well) (My hair needs straightening again)

p.s. I'm also waiting for this dress to arrive in the post and I am excited.

Some songs I listened to today. Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Lianne La Havas, Alicia Keys.

Jemima xxxxxxxx


  1. I love those photos you took last month. They are amazing! And the dress you're waiting for looks so cool


    1. btw I nominated you for a blog award! Details on my blog:

      Have a nice day!


  2. These photos are so beautiful!! Your outfit is great.