Thursday, 11 April 2013

being ethereal

I saw Kate Nash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I met Kate Nash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on monday.

She did like three stage dives and pulled loads of people on the stage at the end and it was like a massive party and wow she's just great and cool and grool. And she's such a nice person too like zomg I can't even.

And we're practically besties now (I wish)

I tried to upload a video but it hasn't worked ;-;

I've just been in a state of a dreamy sort of wonder for the last few days and I keep having flashbacks to the concert like "wait what did that really happen?????"  I was going to make her something that day but Alice and I were in town all day doing some Kate Nash related sightseeing. (turns out she and the Tuts (amazing support band) were doing a radio show at the university though.) I regret not doing that. The Tuts are fantastic, please google them!!! They're a feminist punk girl band of three and the songs they played from their new EP were just... I have no words. They were selling patches they'd made themselves, so naturally, I had to buy some.

Here's a Tuts tune as well.

I've spent the last couple of nights catching up on old pindippy videos, and now I am inspired to make my own (or maybe just one). Luckily I have the pals to participate in the whole video making tingz but unfortunately I don't know what to do sketches about yet. I shall have to ask them for help once term starts again. I just wanted to share that with you. Plus I get all my ideas while I'm at school and supposed to be doing work, so the holidays are mostly wasted.

I am really sad I can't go to Bookworm this year though. I'd asked my mum last saturday and she said yes but now it seems as though we have something on so I won't be able to see the actual real Jessie and Bebe in actual real life noooOOooo

(I wish I lived closer to London man. Two hours on the train is apparently too much for my family.)

(and sherlock is being filmed there, the setlock feels are killing me.)

Another good thing about the holidays is that I have more time for art-ing. I don't have time/enjoy it in term and it's been nice to just be able to get everything out and go mad experimenting with colours without pressure of deadlines etc. I've done some more inky things and here is the not quite finished Helena because I need to add more hair and nose and other bitz n bobz. I also did Benedict Cumberbuhabsglovrk but his mouth went weird (whY IS IT ALWAYS MOUTHS) and I used this picture and she is just so perfect.

Picture quality is worse than usual, sorry. I feel like I've made her look like a skeleton though omg I think the cheekbones are too dark.

ooo I will soon have a new penpal too she's called Leoni and she loves Kate Bush like me and we share memories of dancing badly to Wuthering Heights and falling over. She too has just started a blog and we are both trying to be John Watson in this sense.

School starts again on monday ew so I might post again next week maybe.

As you can see I have changed my blog name to ethereal popopopop but don't worry I won't change it again

And I really want to watch Grease bye



  1. feeling famous being mentioned in a blog post ooooooh

    1. Aww btw I emailed you about da whole pen pal thing, its entitled 'its meee I'm cathyyyy' (please dont judge it was composed very laste at night and I thought it was comedic okay) xxx

  2. YOU MET KATE NASH WUT WUT WUT WUT WUT and that drawing is fabulousssss

    also haha i started following u on instagram and then i clicked on yr blog link in the bio and was all "gosh this looks familiar" and THEN I REALISED THAT ITS YOUOUOUOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU


  3. I AM SO SO jealous wow, Kate Nash- I have loved her FUREVER! Awh, I think she comes up to Newcastle, but I'm too late now. And your blog is excellenté xxxxx