Monday, 11 March 2013

creepy man shoot

This is very tiny but...

I just wanted to say I think I am doing a photoshoot thing with two of my friends this weekend so if all goes well I shall post some of our stuff here. We've called it the Creepy Man Shoot because we're going to dress in menswear, most likely in the creepy woods near my house, and it is inspired by the photography of Claude Cahun who was a surrealist artist/writer and activist around the time of the second world war (and who is super interesting because she "experimented with her audience's understanding of photography as a documentation of reality.") Her portraits stood out because most surrealists were men at the time, and most of their paintings were of women as isolated symbols of eroticism - whereas Claude presented the full three-dimensional image and endless possibilities of the female identity, and so on. She played around with the concepts of sexuality and gender, therefore presenting it to the world in a way that is both easier to understand yet more complicated than plain written works. She's my new source for inspiration, and I found a few pictures of hers:

I was about to describe these as being sort of surreal and whimsical but then I remembered that that was her whole point

My art teacher told me today not to do any work on Frida Kahlo because she thinks her artwork is "scary" and "inappropriate". I'm not totally sure whether to feel mad at her or sorry for her.

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