Tuesday, 26 March 2013

interview with sue denim

It's the holidays now, so I thought this would be something nice for you !!

You might already have heard of Sue Denim, a singer/songwriter from London who was in the band Robots in Disguise (obsession of 2010/11) with her friend Dee Plume, but now she's gone on to a solo career - her debut album being 'And The Unicorn'. She's super rad, has the most fantastic style and such a nice person... and she's taken the time to answer a few questions for me! (This was ready last summer and I was originally going to put it in a zine before I lost my creativity/inspiration/whatever you want to call it, so sorry about that!)

Did you always want to be a musician, and when did you start getting into music?

No, in fact I wanted to be a vet! But my grades started a-slippin’, and my interest in music surpassed that in animals, plus a guitarist mate (Dee) who I’d introduced to another singer pal of mine to form a band (without thinking I’d join em!) asked me to play bass with them. Even though I couldn’t actually play. Punk!

What makes you happy about the music industry?

Music! It’s the industry bit that’s tricky!

Is there anything that makes you angry about it?

Yeah. All sorts. It’s one of the most unprofessional businesses that exist! So much to complain about! Mainly though, that a good song is not enough, that it’s basically all down to finance. There’s a myth that surrounds it that is hard to dispel in many people’s eyes. Only years of immersion dispels the myth!

What are your 5 most played songs at the moment?

It changes all the time. I’ll just say my 5 most played at the moment:
Andalusia – John Cale
Pablo Picasso – Jonathan Richman
Spanish Caravan – The Doors
Jackie – Scott Walker
Free Pussy Riot! - Peaches

I  love your video for Bicycle! It’s sort of collage-y, do you make stuff like that for inspiration and such? Maybe for a new song idea or something?

I’ve only made one or two collages EVER! I should do more, it’s fun. Thanks for reminding me!

Do you think the internet has made it easier to be a feminist?

It’s easy to get information and connect to like-minded people quickly, which is cool. I HOPE it’s easier. I have a dream... EVERYONE becomes a feminist! (Yeah right!) The internet is a tricky issue for me... such a time-gobbler but BRILLIANT too! That dastardly internet makes everything both easier and more difficult, it’s the ultimate paradox!

Have you watched any films/TV shows recently that have inspired you?

I rarely watch TV. The last film I saw was The Artist which I loved!

What are you looking forward to in the next year or so?

Touring East... making another album, earning a bit of cash money, good health and good cheer!

hope you all have a great easter if you celebrate it and eat a lot of chocolate,

jemima xx

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