Saturday, 9 March 2013

i'm tired bye

Hello I'm sorry for not posting, I really need to keep up on my new years resolutions! This will have to be short because I am on the verge of falling asleep permanently instead of just on and off.

I'm laughing right now because we watched Romeo and Juliet in English today and an old person called Tybalt a 'saucy boy'. Ah, fun times.

I've been spending more time obsessing and being kind of lazy and eating a lot of stuff, but you know what, I am okay now because I watched this video:

And I've figured that I want to be like them. It's International Women's Day today and I've been looking around the ol' internet compulsively for some new things to watch and read that might perhaps inspire me in some way. And I found this here and sang to myself to celebrate.

I'm also reading Les Misérables at the moment and while it is inspirational, deep, eye opening and (insert more cliché blurb descriptions here), it's SO hard to read. I 'd still really recommend it though, especially if you've seen the film, because there are sometimes tiny hints in the texts that link to the songs e.g. "love is a garden", and it will make me you scream. It takes a while to get into, but once you're off, you're off.

The other day I found some rubber stamps and therefore had to stamp black flowers on everything:

(George Harrison is my favourite)

And I have started painting Hugh Jackman in ink:

It doesn't look much like him yet but I am still trying.

HBC necklace I made about this time last year (it's a sort of anniversary of my obsession) and I'm wearing a t-shirt I designed a while ago (I may also sell them once I get my etsy sorted out).

I want to call it a professional zine making workshop but really I think I was just rolling around in paper on my rug listening to Kate Bush records.

Finally, I've been fangirlin' more than usual recently, which is a huge OH. It's not good (I'm actually in danger of going into cardiac arrest whenever I see pictures of people I like) and I've been trying to vent it off by making more stuff for tumblr, e.g. LOGAN

(this method doesn't work)
(but I have found my soulmate in yet another fictional character)

Also it was non uniform day (for IWD) at school and I wore this:

The yellow jumper I picked up from a vintage fair last week, rolled up dress skirt from a vintage shop last year, the tights have silver stars on them which you can't see here. (Also blue lipstick fake glasses and about three hundred necklaces)

Before I go I'll tell you that I just watched Martin Freeman looking at johnlock fanart on live television.

Life. Made.

Jemima xxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Yay we have the same favourite Beatle!