Saturday, 16 March 2013

creepy shoot pt. 2

I'm feeling an obsession with Francoise Hardy coming on. All her songs/pictures/videos are just so charming and whimsical and the whole 60's aesthetic in general makes me want to cry. (tears of joy) I chose a few I really like:

(found here)

the next one happens to be one of my favourite pictures of all time:

Just ah.

Earlier this week I said I would post some stuff from the Claude Cahun photo thing, so here are a few. We took some inside before going to the woods but we didn't stay out for long (cold and muddy).

I'm not sure how i feel about this one but ok. (eyebrows are drawn on not actually horizontal)


Me, Eve and Ellie.

(As expected I look weird in all photos so please don't laugh)

I have been painting and stuff and here is finished Wolverine (insert primal scream here).

(I used a bottle of ink i found the other day)

David Bowie's Sweet Thing has been in my head all day, so I'll finish on that.

Also I have an interview with Sue Denim coming up on my next post which I hope is coolio

Jemima xxxxxxxxxx


  1. I loooove Francoise Hardy <3 <3 Those photos are awesome!!

  2. Your ink painting of Wolverine is amazing! :D

  3. i spend waay too much time scrolling through your blog creepily obsessing over it.. that painting is incredible!!


    1. thank you! ah its okay haha i'm the same with yours, i was just looking at that elvis shrine you have and it is the coolest bro


    2. awh, thanks :3 i nominated you for the versatile award <3

  4. I love the last picture. You both look so cool.